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About Us

HostChaos started with just selling web hosting space. Within a couple of months HostChaos rapidly expanded into selling more types of hosting as well as domain registration and providing live support for it's customers.

HostChaos is a user friendly hosting company. We make hosting fun, cheap and simple, for everybody on the world wide web. We currently offer a variety of packages including, Webhosting, ZNC, IRCd and VPS for an incredibly low price. To see a list of our services/products we offer at HostChaos click here.

If you are looking hosting which will last you forever and cost you next to nothing, then you have come to the right place. A lot of people say to us "how long will HostChaos be around?", our answer is always the same - "HostChaos is constantly expanding and will always be around and maintain it's excellent uptime and customer support".

At HostChaos we aim to provide an extremely high level of customer support and we believe for us to achieve this it is vital we communicate with those associated with some of the software we use. As we believe this is such an important factor we spend a lot of time with those associated with the following software; Anope Services, InspIRCd, UnrealIRCd, Atheme, e107, Drupal, Joomla, mIRC as well as others. This provides us with the ability to offer you more advanced support when needed.

At HostChaos we appreciate not everybody has a great knowledge of the internet and we take this into consideration when we support you. If you're worried about not being able to understand what you need to do to work on your website, your IRC chat network or any other products you have with us then don't panic we will explain everything to you in a way that will ensure you are comfortable and able to proceed. You can obtain support from HostChaos a variety of ways including the following:

1) Submit a support ticket here.
2) Get live support from one of our operators by clicking the button in the top right
3) Get live support from our staff and customers on our IRC server at or clicking here.
4) Connect to our live support server (method 3) and use the help bot.
5) Reading the HostChaos knowledgebase
6) E-mail