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Lee Holmes (Anope Team Member)

I've been a customer of HostChaos for 1 and a half years, using their VPS hosting, setup was completed very fast. I use my HostChaos vps for coding I do with anope irc services and a few other things. I've used numerous webhosts in the past and HostChaos' prices, support with the speed of the vps beats them all!

James Lucas

Hostchaos has a great team of staff allways willing to help you in the best way and offer best support they can. They offer great value for money no problems with them at all i would recomend them to anyone even the queen as a service. there a great site they gave me great help and still are to this day thank you to hostchaos

dizzybird co-owner of

Hostchaos is the way forward!! Friendly helpful staff who are never to busy to help whenneeded, and don't make you feel dumb when asking the most simple questions. Also veryresonable rates. Highly recommended. :)

Colin Davis

I would just like to say how good good the service is on hostchaos the staff are very helpful, polite considerate its level of service is first class there good value for $money and i would recommend hostchaos to anyone.

Patrick Daly, Fastwolf bites admin

Hostchaos is a great webhosting company. I didnt know what I was doing when I first started off with an IRCd an now I know a lot more than what I did 3 months ago. The customer services are excellent and they explain how to do things in the easiest way possible and are very helpful and fast at their response to sorting any kind of problem.


HostChaos have provided a high-level quality of service. There has been very minimal downtime and their servers are very reliable. Well done HostChaos!


I have been using Hostchaos services for a while even i was hosted at another company but that company get transfered to HostChaos.Im a reseller client their plans rocks they offer the best prices on the webhosting industry i recommend them to all people that wants reliable and safe hosting for your site.Kind Regards Ibrahim

Kevin Wiblin

My hosting was provided via a HostChaos reseller, although the reseller I was hosted by had extensive knowledge, they invited me to contact HostChaos via the IRC support channel to assist me with a couple of issues. HostChaos provide un comparable support to it's customers and it's customers customers. Would not think of going anywhere else. If you are looking for cheap and reliable Hosting, Reseller or support, HostChaos are the first place to look.


12.20.10 been with this shell provider for about 2 weeks now and everything is Great.. good customer service (and i can be a pain sometimes)chat server available for help .. and lots of goodies to go along with the packages that ALL of the other fellas charge extra for .. (ALL at least from what i`ve seen)Keep up the good work fellas .. i`d like to be around for a long time


HostChaos is awesome. There customer service is the best and they will always help you with anything. Unlike my other host you do not have to wait 3 days for a reply. I will be sure the refer friends and family to HostChaos!


Been through around 40 hosts i am definatly stopping with host chaos, All round pleased with the service.

Lee Blake,

I have used two hosting company`s prior too using Hostchaos and can say that hostchaos have met all my needs not only on cost the customer service is next to none any problems or help needed are dealt with promptly CWUKChat are proud to say we host with Hostchaos and will continue to do so for a long time to come. Thanks to all the staff at Hostchaos for providing an excellent service well done.


I never thought switching would be easy, hostchaos made it quick and simple to get things all the ball. with such fast and reliable service for my network and other projects coming, I'm glad i made the switch.

Ryan Widner,

I love HostChaos. Before HostChaos, I was with a diffrent hosting company. HostChaos took over that hosting company, and here I am today. I'm so glad they did that, other wise I wouldn't be experiencing this awesome service. Thanks so much HostChaos! I plan to use your services for a long time.

Chloe Anderson,

I have been a customer of HostChaos now for a year and they are the best hosting company i have used since setting my ircd network up 3 years ago (iv been with around 5 hosts) The support is 2nd to none, always fast and super helpful, there staff are very patient and understanding. Would deffo recommend these guys to everyone!

Martyn Hare,

I decided to try a smaller, more ethical web hosting provider after finding security issues with an previous host.vHostChaos seems to pay a lot of attention to security in a proactive way and despite not being a large operation, the support is very responsive. Their AUP/ToS is decent, you can use a portion of quota for website backups, unlike a certain 'father' of webhosting!

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