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Terms and Conditions of Service

The use of services from HostChaos Limited, hereafter referred to as "HostChaos", by you the customer hereafter referred to as "you" or "your", constitutes agreement to these terms. HostChaos reserves the right modify or amend any part of the terms and conditions set out below on this page, and any other page which contains terms and conditions such as promotional offers. You are solely responsible for ensuring you regularly check this page, and others for updates. Terms and conditions come into effect immediately upon being posted, and continued use of services is automatic agreement to any updates made.

1 - Personal Details

HostChaos will not share any of your details with third parties, or use them for marketing purposes, except to law enforcement agencies in the United Kingdom, your country of residence or the country that HostChaos servers are located in.

2 - Account and Service Creation

HostChaos will set up your account at time of registration and details will be sent to you via the e-mail address entered during registration. Services will be created once the first payment has been received.

Upon account / service creation you will be enrolled in a monthly billing cycle, this is a monthly contract with HostChaos for provision of your Account / Services.

If you would like one of the following contract periods please login to your client area and submit a ticket requesting this.

If you have not already paid your first invoice this will be cancelled and a new invoice processed for the specified contract period.
If you have already paid your first invoice then your next invoice will be for the specified contract period.
For Domain registrations please see the Domains page for registration periods.

All domains registered by HostChaos are registered in the name of HostChaos LTD to protect your privacy. Following payment of your invoice for the registration of the domain you will receive a invoice payment confirmation. This acts as proof that the domain was registered by HostChaos on your behalf.

If you wish to have the domain registered in your name please log into your client area (before paying the invoice) and submit a ticket with the subject containing the invoice number and domain name that you wish to be registered. The body of the ticket must contain your full name, address, and contact telephone number and request that the domain be registered with these details.

HostChaos requests that you provide your valid up to date details in the billing system. These details include your name, home or business address, phone number, e-mail address, and any other details HostChaos requests. It is important you provide accurate up to date information so that HostChaos can contact you if necessary.

3 - Cancellation of Services

You have the right to cancel your services at any time during the contract period. Once your cancellation has been received by HostChaos we will cancel your services and MAY issue a pro-rata refund on the previous invoice amount less any fees incurred by HostChaos. No refund will be available for dedicated servers, licences or domain name registrations.

Refunds on offers will be honoured at the offer price. Any domain registration which is part of an offer will be deducted at full price before refunding.

Refunds on services that include a free domain will have the cost of the domain deducted before any refund MAY be given.

Refunds will be calculated on the time remaining on the order. An early cancellation fee will be charged subject to the following:
If a cancellation occurs due to a breach of the HostChaos terms and conditions by HostChaos you will receive a refund equal to the remainder of your contract period. Any domains registered on your behalf by HostChaos will be made available for transfer by you no later than 72hrs after cancellation.

4 - Use of account

You may only use your account and/or services for its intended purpose. Any illegal use of an account and/or service will result in immediate suspension. If your use is not illegal but still outside the intended use of the service then we will review the usage and take appropriate action. The appropriate action may be:

If you are unsure if your intended use falls outside HostChaos terms and conditions please contact us before purchase at

HostChaos takes daily backups. These backups are mainly incase the system receives any inconvenience and data is destroyed/lost. You are encouraged to take your own backups regularly and maintain a copy of them. If you lose any data from your system at no fault of HostChaos, it is solely at the discretion of HostChaos to obtain your data from the backup system. It is very time consuming for HostChaos staff to extract your data from the backup system and therefore it is preferred you take your own backups as HostChaos may decide not to attempt to obtain your data from the backup system. A small administration fee may be charged if a backup is retrieved for you. If data is lost due to an issue that HostChaos has control over then HostChaos will do everything it can to try and restore your data.

5 - Changes to Accounts / Services

HostChaos reserves the right to alter any prices or packages at any time, this includes services that have already been purchased as well as future purchases. HostChaos also maintains the right to make a decision on whether to apply any price or package changes prior to the renewal date on any services that have already been purchased. By using services provided by HostChaos you agree that any price or package alterations can be done with or without warning and/or notification. In general these changes will only be applied prior to renewal dates if HostChaos believes there is a valid reason.

6 - Non-payment of account

Failure to pay an invoice within 7 days of placing an order will lead to your order being disregarded and deleted from our system.

Failure to pay a recurring invoice by the due date will lead to the following:
Dedicated servers and licences do not follow the dates given above and may be terminated immediately upon non-payment. This will typically be the day after the invoice due date.

Domain name registrations will be cancelled immediately upon non-payment. Once a domain name has been purchased by another party it cannot be retrieved.

7 - Account termination

HostChaos reserves the right to cancel any accounts and/or services at any time without warning. In general the only time this right will be exercised is when the account and/or service is performing illegal actions, however this right may be exercised at other times.

Any accounts and/or services found performing illegal actions will be suspended immediately and all relevant logs will be released to law enforcement agencies.

If a service is terminated then all data contained within that service will be deleted. If this happens we will be unable to retrieve the data contained within the service at time of termination.

8 - Uptime

HostChaos guarantees 98% uptime. If during any 30 day period the uptime falls below our 95% guarantee a refund will be given worth 2% of your services cost per hour up to a maximum of 50% of the total cost of your service.

Scheduled downtime is not included in this guarantee. HostChaos guarantees not to have any more than 5 hours of scheduled downtime in any 30 day period.

9 - Special Offers and Promotions

From time to time HostChaos may have special offers and promotions available. Exact conditions for the offers and promotions can be found on the Special Offers page.

You may downgrade your promotional services at anytime subject to the following:
10 - Affiliate Commission

Affiliates commission is credited to your account and can be used to pay your HostChaos LTD bills. The average rate of affiliates commission is 50% of the product sold price, at times the rate may differ at HostChaos' discretion.

Affiliate accounts will be credited 28 days after the first payment has been received from any new orders completed via the affiliate link providing the service is still active.

11 - Media Distribution and Streaming

Distribution and streaming of media is covered under local and international copyright laws. If you stream or distribute any media, e.g. music or videos, then you agree under these terms and conditions that you have the appropriate licences and rights to do so.

HostChaos reserves the right to shut down any service which is distributing or streaming media without the appropriate licences or rights without warning. This right will be exercised as soon as the issue is brought to its attention.

12 - Usage of resources

HostChaos reserves the right to enter any service we provide and stop processes that may be using excessive resources or may be causing instability on any server or the network as a whole. Excessive resource use is usage of memory beyond your guaranteed limit or high CPU usage for extended period of times, generally longer than 2 hours.

HostChaos will attempt to contact you before performing these actions. For processes that threaten the server or network then action may be taken immediately. For other issues then action will be taken after 24 hours if no response is received before that time.

If the security of your service has been compromised then HostChaos will attempt to assist you with correcting this issue. If you cannot be reached and the security issue cannot be easily solved then HostChaos may suspend your service until such a time as you are able to correct the issue.

13 - Customer Support

Our primary purpose of business is to supply our customers with the hardware, network and software to run the service as described within the relevant products page. Our support of this type will take priority over all other aspects of support.

We have a support ticket system in place for our clients, however you should be aware this is for account related support only. This may include: Billing, Account information or changes and support for the products you have purchased from us.

For support on software and services we will only provide generalised support and this will only be done via the IRCd support server (, via flash chat ( or via the HostChaos forums.

We have separated the support levels that we offer to you the client, this is to ensure that we give you the best support for each of the services you have from us; this will also allow us to ensure that we operate and maintain the Network and Services to the best of their ability.

With all of the above you should also have read and understood both of the following:

Failure to comply with the above could result in any of the following actions:

Should your requirement of support fall out within the above, where you need further support we may apply a service fee based on what you require us to do.

Finally, you should take note that you are responsible for keeping up to date with the rules and guidelines as they are subject to change and this can be done without notification.

14 - Impersonation

Any person knowingly using any name, nickname or handle of a HostChaos staff member will be removed from our servers as soon as we are made aware of the fact. If a customer allows this to continue occurring on their system then the service may be suspended and terminated.

HostChaos Limited will do everything in their power to ensure that impersonation of HostChaos staff and customers does not occur on their servers.

Any customer impersonating any member of HostChaos Limited or any other customer will have services suspended immediately and termination may follow.

15 - Forum Transactions

HostChaos accepts no responsibility for any transactions made on the forums, if you do not trust the seller do not purchase the item, if you have a valid reason for being suspicious then report it. All transactions on forums are at the seller's and buyer's discretion and HostChaos has no liability in any purchases where a member of the party is unsatisfied. If a transaction turns out to be illegal then HostChaos will provide any information requested by law enforcements.

16 - Terms throughout the domain

HostChaos LTD may write terms and conditions on different pages throughout it's domains (example - writing terms and conditions about promotions on the promotions page). These terms and conditions are considered as effective as if they were written on this terms and conditions page. It would be your duty to make sure you are aware of the HostChaos terms and conditions and that you adhere to them. Failure to comply may result in account suspension or termination.

17 - Data Transfer

HostChaos LTD offers support in migrating your data from your current provider to HostChaos LTD. Although HostChaos staff will do their utmost to make this as easy, secure and professional for you, the support provided by HostChaos LTD is at your discretion only. You are responsible for ensuring your account with your current provider is accessible and that you are happy once the transfer has been completed. HostChaos LTD takes no responsibility in any loss of data during the transfer however every effort will be made to prevent this occurring.

It is preferred you change your password for your current provider before distributing it to HostChaos LTD staff, then as soon as the transfer is complete you change the password again. HostChaos LTD staff only want and need access to your current services with your other provider for the duration of the transfer.

18 - Cookies

HostChaos LTD stores cookies for multiple reasons, and your continued use of this site confirms your consent for such cookies to be stored on your machine. Cookies are required for you to be able to benefit from all of the features offered on this website including but not limited to the following:

1) Providing the ability for your progress through the site to be tracked.
2) Providing the ability for you to store any products in our cart.

To find out how to delete your cookies please visit