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Our Master Web Reseller packages allow you to set up your own hosting company giving you full access to manage your customers web services via the WHM panel. It differs from our other reseller in that you can give reseller access to your customers, allowing them also to run their own hosting business. Your customers will have full access to all the same services that we offer our customers if you allow them to. For a full list of everything you get, visit Web Services.

As a reseller your customers will deal directly with you. Any issues have they will send directly to you, as well as any payments they make. You can charge as little or much as you like.

The IP addresses assigned to you can also be set up as your own name servers quickly and simply. If you register your domain through us we can set all this up for you. Simply submit a ticket requesting us to do so when you've made your first payment and we will set this up for you quickly.

Name 100MR 200MR 300MR 500MR
Cost (Monthly) £15.00 £22.50 £30.00 £40.00
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Main Specifications
Storage Space (GB) 100 200 300 500
Additional Resources
Dedicated IPs £2.00 per month per IP
Storage Space (per 25GB) £2.50 per month
Instant Setup
WHM Reseller Access
cPanel Reseller Access
WHMPHP Master Reseller Access
Ticket Support
Live Support
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