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HostChaos RAM Upgrade Promotion

We know current customers have been requesting more offers aimed at them, and we like to keep everybody happy so here is an exceptional promotion for you current customers to take advantage of.

We are offering the following low cost RAM upgrades for the first 5 customers to request it:

£4 a month per 512MB dedicated RAM.
£7 a month per 1GB dedicated RAM.
£13 a month per 2GB dedicated RAM

To qualify for this you must buy at least two of the above. You can purchase any two for example you could purchase 2 x 2GB offer or 1 x 512MB and 1 x 1GB offer, you can mix and match as you wish but have to purchase at least two. Once you've decided which two or more you want you will need to log into your account and submit a ticket stating the details of this promotion that you want to take advantage of.

This promotion can be used on any VPS and VPS reseller package. Remember this offer is only available to the first 5 customers to purchase it so get your order in quick!

*This promotional RAM will be removed first from products following a future downgrade.