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Welcome to the HostChaos Vacancies section, in this section you will see a list of all current vacancies we have within the business. In order to apply for a position we ask that you are able and comply with the following:

To be able to take on a role for HostChaos you will need to be over the age of 16. We have no objection if you have your own projects however as we pride ourselves in professionalism we ask that you dont currently hold a position or intend to take on a position within any of our clients projects.

As you will need to use a staff script its imperative that you will use mIRC and be willing to use your real name on the IRC Support channel. Finally, in order to secure a role within HostChaos you must not currently work for any other hosting company.

As with any of our vacancies we do have some minimum requirements that you must be able to meet, they are as listed below however are non exhaustive and may change depending on the vacancy that you apply for.

Required skills:

Be available for at least 15 hours a week.
Be willing to work as part of a team as well as individually.
Be willing to follow instructions.
Be willing to show initiative.
Be willing to accept criticism and improve on this where needed.
Be able to communicate in a professional and polite manner.
Be patient and help customers to the full extent or your ability.
Be able to explain the benefits of hosting with HostChaos.
Have full knowledge of the English language.
Have extensive knowledge of HostChaos and its products.
Able to remain calm when under pressure.
Ability to take lead when needed.
Posses a friendly and welcoming attitude to make customers feel relaxed.
Passionate about being staff in HostChaos LTD
Passionate about customer excellence.
Have a positive and welcoming attitude.
Have a hands on approach to your work.
Taking time to keep up to date about HostChaos and its products, you may be tested on this to ensure you are able to answer as many questions as possible for customers and provide them with accurate information.

Our current vacancies are as:

Sales operator
Technical operator
Support operator
Customer service operator
Programming operator
Forum Moderator