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At HostChaos we provide fast, efficient support but for us to maintain this we need you to help us. How? Easy! To ensure you can benefit fully from our support all you have to do is follow these guidelines:

Submitting tickets

If you want a change made to your account or products, login and submit a ticket providing as much detail as possible. This will save time by abolishing the need of us needing to ask you questions and awaiting a response. Please understand changes to your products should only be requested by us if you do not have the access/permissions required, otherwise if you need support with your products you should use our support channel at or

Submitting a ticket it is important to make sure you log in your account first as it will keep the ticket on record for you as well as providing some form of proof you are the true account holder. When replying to tickets log back into your account and reply, do not reply through e-mail as this will go to an e-mail account and not the ticket system.

PM Requests via the IRC Support Server

IRC Support is always limited to the main support channel, as part of enhancing security for all of our customers we have now restricted private messaging within the Support server - this means that the only people that will be able to send a PM request is staff to customer and vice versa. This will enhance customer security and protection from those impersonating staff.

Using our support channel

The support channel is designed to allow you to communicate in real time chat with staff and other customers, the benefit of this is the more people that can assist you with a problem the better the support you will receive. Chances are in the support channel there will be somebody who has already solved your issue in the past or has experience with it and therefore they will be able to advise you better than one-to-one with a staff member. When using the #HostChaos support channel there are a number of small guidelines you should follow to ensure you receive the best possible support. Firstly, do not use any of the following or anything similar to get help:

I need help.
Is anybody around?
It's not working.
Is anybody there?
Is anyone awake?
Can somebody help me?

Put yourself in the helper's position if somebody came in and said that to you it would not help you in anyway to assist the person. Using comments like the ones listed above are considered time wasting as you are making the helper ask unnecessary questions such as "what is wrong" when you could have just stated the problem in the first place. The best thing to do is state your problem straight away and when somebody notices your request if they can assist you they will. Also do not repeatedly call somebody's name to get their attention this is extremely annoying and if they didn't answer the first time chances are they are either busy or not around, it is also against the rules and may result in you being banned.

If you have an error in a configuration file you would like help with then pastebin the configuration and post a link to it, make sure you mask any passwords before pasting the link. This will allow people to view your config and help you find the problem. If you have any error messages paste them too as this can also help with resolving the issue. Try to help the helper to help you as much as you can by providing as much detail as possible.

Use third party resources such as websites to help you solve any problems, don't rely on being spoonfed all the time. Use Info_Bot as much as you can to provide you with support as well as our tutorials in our knowledgebase. We have no problem assisting you but it is advised you try to help yourself first.

Do not be afraid to ask for support in the main channel chances are somebody else could learn from your question too. Always ask before private messaging somebody and provide a reason when asking so they know why. If you private message a member of staff for support they will redirect you to the support channel as this really is the best way to receive support not in private chat with staff members.

You are welcome to idle in the support channel and provide assistance to those that require it however there are a few rules about using the support channel. When in the support channel scripts considered annoying are strictly prohibited. We try to keep the chat in the support channel to HostChaos support only there are other channels for general chat. To help us block out unwanted "noise", please do not change your nick, announce your away and return status or chat about anything off topic. A full list of the rules can be viewed here.