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Below is a list of rules for using the #HostChaos support channel. Failure to adhere to any of these rules may result in a ban from the support channel. These rules are laid out for the benefit of both staff and customers to help ensure that staff can provide customers with the best possible support.

The rules are but not limited to:

1) Respect everyone else. Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself. Keep off topic chat in #Lobby

2) Remember everybody was new to this once and we are all still learning therefore appreciate others may require more basic help. Help each other, it's the foundation of good friendships and best practice if we all help each other achieve our goals.

3) Ask for support in the main channel do not private message staff asking for help. The best support given will be in the main channel as there will be more people able to advise you than in a one to one chat. Don't be embarrassed to ask for help in front of others, chances are there are other people thinking the same question.

4) Do not say you need help or call somebody's nick or ask if anybody is around, just state the problem and somebody will help you if they can.

5) Don't use annoying scripts, this includes but is not limited to, scripts that message all channels, scripts that announce you marking yourself as away and returning and scripts that broadcast what you are listening to. These scripts do not help the channel in any way and can cause disruption to the support process for others.

6) Use Info_Bot as much as you can to help you with requests, that is what it is there for. You can use Info_Bot at any time and do not need staff to assist you it will respond to you and assist you as much as it can. Triggers for Info_Bot can be found here.

7) If nobody is around and you need help that Info_Bot can't provide stick a post in the forum by clicking here.

8) Posting or discussing any illegal activity is strictly forbidden. Immediate bans will be issued.

9) Private messaging staff asking if they are around or stating you need help will result in you being ignored. Save yourself and staff time by just saying why you PM'd them straight away they will not reply until you have. Also if you private message staff for support that should be in the main channel they will either ignore you or paste your request into #HostChaos.

10) If you need to post more than 5 lines of text, please use pastebin. If you ignore this, you may find yourself banned for flooding the support channel.

In summary:

* Respect others
* Ask sensible questions in #HostChaos
* Do not use annoying scripts
* Do not private message staff as you will get a quicker response in the #HostChaos channel - You will also be directed back to the support channel
* If staff are not around (ie. you have asked a question in #HostChaos and nobody has replied), open a post on the forum which will alert the staff

For further guidelines on getting support click here.